Strategic Partnerships

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Strategic Partnerships

Your Vantage Wealth Planning team has established a deep bench of seasoned professionals and organizations to ensure your financial capital is well protected and your goals are met.  Our ability to leverage the best and brightest in our industry allows us to focus on you, your goals and ultimately your peace of mind.


Morningstar Investment Services
Widely known in the investment management industry as the leader in investment and portfolio analysis. Vantage Wealth Planning partners with Morningstar as a way to bring over 29 PhDs in Finance and Chartered Financial Analysts to your investment decision making team. While Vantage ultimately decides how best to deploy your portfolio to achieve what is most important to you, we like you to know it’s not just us making the decisions around our broad investment universe.


Charles Schwab Institutional
Provides Vantage and our clients the ability to custody assets with an industry leader. Schwab Institutional allows access to institutional class assets that are inaccessible in the general retail world of investing. Our clients reap the benefits of best-in-class investments at institutional-class costs, while having the peace of mind that their custodian is best-in-class.


Named the top choice of financial planning software for eight straight years, according to Financial Planning Magazine's annual survey. Money Guide Pro gives us the tools we need to customize your planning solutions.


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